Latest news

March 2023

At the beginning of February 2023, we completed the first round of data collection and would like to thank all the nursery staff, parents and children who have been involved. 

All nurseries have been randomised and the NAP SACC UK intervention has started in those allocated to the intervention group who will now be working with their Local Authority Partner.

The follow-up data collection will start in the Autumn 2023 and go into early 2024 before our research team get started with data analyses and write up later that year. 


October 2022

We have completed data collection in some nurseries, and these have now been randomised to either receive the NAP SACC UK programme (intervention nurseries) or remain with normal practice (control nurseries).

We have been busy training our NAP SACC UK Partners to deliver the NAP SACC UK programme in the intervention nurseries, which is now well under way in some!

We are still working hard to recruit the last few nurseries and children and continue to collect data.


July 2022

We have been busy over the past few months recruiting nurseries to take part in the NAPSACC study. We are close to reaching our target of 56 nurseries and are working hard to recruit the final few.

In May we completed our first data collection and since then have collected data from roughly 60% of participating children with further data collections planned over the summer.

We have also been developing the intervention in preparation to train our NAP SACC Partners and to start delivering the intervention in September.


February 2022

After pausing the study in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to announce that the study funders have approved the restart of NAP SACC UK.

The study has now officially started and the research teams across the Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow Universities will start recruiting the 56 nurseries and 784 children to take part in NAP SACC UK in March.

We will be recruiting nurseries and children from March 2022. Once we have signed consent forms from our participants, we will collect the data from them described in the information sheets which can be downloaded here.